ECI was established by a group of technology companies, financiers, academics and research scientists with a view to take up environment friendly projects beginning with the Middle East.

It is a company registered as an Ontario corporation with an objective to develop and deploy green technologies that would help protect the environment and benefit humanity.

ECI’s broader objective is to make a positive is to make positive contribution towards environmental improvement through developing dynamic systems and technologies.

There is a worldwide environmental concern for marine life. Many ships and tankers have been fined huge fines for dumping bilge wastewater in the ocean. Although many of the ships and tankers have onboard oil-water separating systems others do not. Further, most of the ships’ existing systems are not efficient enough to do adequate processing, leaving still many impurities in the processed water, including oil content. Consequently the ports around the world are replete with polluted shores.

The Middle East ports are some of the most heavily polluted ports in the world. However, Dubai and UAE governments are very forward looking and cognizant of the environmental hazards of seawater pollution. They are aware that the shores of Middle East ports are facing acute environmental hazard. They are therefore very keen to alleviate this problem.

Royal Emirate Group too recognizes the need and is therefore working closely with these governments to tackle this environmental problem. The REG had been deeply interested in partnering with a right company that can provide bilge wastewater treatment (BWT) services most efficiently and economically. Therefore, when ECI approached REG, both parties agreed that the two organizations collaborate to tackle the bilge wastewater problem faced by the ports in the Middle East.

As a result, ECI and Royal Emirates Group of Dubai signed a partnership agreement to launch its flagship project in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates for deploying ECI


ECI objective is to create, procure and deploy green technologies and help develop policies to cope with pollution created by man, machine or nature.


ECI found just the right partner in Royal Emirates Group (REG) which under the chairmanship of His Highness Butti Bin Suhail Al Maktoum the prestigious Dubai based business conglomerate has been working on a number of progressive initiatives. Our common progressive objectives form the kind of synergy we were looking for.

As a result, we signed a Memorandum of Understanding to launch a major environmental initiative in the Middle East beginning with Dubai and then to expand to other parts of the world.

ECI-REG Agreement Signing Ceremony