Bilge Water Treatment Technologies

Bilge water is a mixture of water, oily fluids, lubricants, cleaning fluids, and other similar wastes that accumulate in the lowest part of a vessel from a variety of different sources including the main and auxiliary engines; boilers, evaporators and related auxiliary systems; equipment and related components; and other mechanical and operational sources found throughout the machinery spaces of a vessel.

The Solution

In order to manage a number of requirements at the port we will use a combination of technologies and treatment systems since we believe there is no single perfect and cost effective system or technology that can handle every task. The most efficient way to manage the problem technically and in a cost effective manner would be to creatively make appropriate use of a combination of processes and technologies.

Accordingly we configure task-specific systems and merry them with our advanced membrane technology as required. ECI’s technology is one of the best in the world. If need be we can bring the processed water far below the strictest standards imposed by MARPOL i.e. to drinkable level and the remaining oil is pure and usable. Particularly, we will configure chemical reaction treatment (CRT) systems to implement the range of flexible chemical treatment sequences by continuous, sequential addition   reaction when treating a continuous waste stream. Chemistry of the system depends on the bilge water characteristics and would require jar testing to verify proper chemical recipe(s). The system design will provide for a compact footprint, simple operation, adjustment and maintenance.

Current Project

The Middle East ports are some of the most heavily polluted ports in the world. However, Dubai and UAE governments are very forward looking and cognizant of the environmental hazards of seawater pollution. They are aware that the shores of Middle East ports are facing acute environmental hazard. They are therefore very keen to alleviate this problem. ECI technologies meet the latest treatment standards AND those anticipated into the future.